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August 2017

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Volume 3, Number 4
The RDO serves at the nexus of research and research administration, acting as a catalyst for the UCSF research enterprise by facilitating productive research collaboration, early pilot funding, and effective proposal development.
  • RDO Team News and Outreach Activities
  • 3TS: T32 Trainee Tracking Program
  • LGDP: Large Grant Development Program
  • TSP: Team Science Program
  • RAP: Resource Allocation Program
  • LSP: Limited Submission Program
  • SSP: Special Strategic Projects
  • Research Development Internship Opportunity

RDO Team News and Outreach Activities

Welcome Halima Mohammed Todd!

We are excited to welcome the newest member of the RDO team, Halima Mohammed Todd. Halima comes to us from the VCR Office of Research, where she managed the T32 Trainee Tracking System (3TS) program. She will continue in the same capacity as program manager in RDO under the supervision of Gretchen Kiser. Halima is a program manager with over 10 years’ experience in Communication Training and Education. After receiving her master’s degree in Health and Media Communication, she moved west to San Francisco. She began work for UCSF as the Curricular Program Specialist in the Office of Student Research and Office of International Programs where she supported medical students in their quests to research and study both domestically and abroad. She later transitioned to the Pathways to Discovery program, where she served as the strategic coordinator, helping to develop, implement, and evaluate the policies and procedures for the program. In addition to her work as a program manager, Halima has taught communication courses at Florida State University, Holy Names University and Merritt College in Oakland. Since moving to the Bay Area, Halima and her husband Kele have contributed to increasing the population by 1.5 – her second is on the way!

Please check out a description of this resource program in the next section.

National Organization of Research Development Professionals (NORDP)

The 9th annual NORDP conference was held on May 8-10 in Broomfield, CO. This annual conference provides opportunities to share best practices, learn about trends, and network with colleagues. We were proud to be able to share some of our UCSF RDO programs through two poster presentations: Using “Best Practice” Events to Synergize Center Grants: A Case Study presented by Kristin Dolan and Increasing Research Development Office Efficiency by Utilizing Existing Tech Tools: 3 Pilots Implemented at UCSF presented by Page Sorensen. Feel free to stop by the RDO office and take a look at these posters.

Do you facilitate research team interactions? Or do you help prepare large grant proposals? Do you manage programs that benefit a large cadre of research faculty? Or are you a researcher who now focuses on research administrative functions? If so, then you are likely doing work associated with the emerging field of research development. If these descriptions strike a chord with you, the UCSF RDO encourages you to check out NORDP.

Would you like to inform your faculty of the menu of services and resources available through the RDO?

We are looking for opportunities to speak to groups of faculty to inform them of the programs and resources available through the RDO. Please contact us at rdoinfo@ucsf.edu if you think you could open a time slot for us to speak at your next faculty meeting.

3TS: T32 Trainee Tracking Program

The T32 Trainee Tracking System (3TS) program is an application built in Salesforce by the UCSF’s Information Services Unit (ISU). The goal of the program is to support faculty and staff in actively preparing for T32 grant renewals by helping them with several of the required data tables. We are also working with programs to upload their historical program data and then use the 3TS for ongoing tracking of trainee-related data. The program also provides institutional support outside of the 3TS, such as ‘how-to’ guides to assist faculty and staff involved in preparing a T32 renewal application and notices to the community about changes coming from the NIH.

Type of Grant

Program Description

Renewal Due Dates

T Series

(T32 & TL1)

Institutional National Research Service Awards

Other Training Grants

To enable institutions to make National Research Service Awards to individuals selected by them for predoctoral and postdoctoral research training in specified shortage areas.

  • January 25
  • May 25
  • September 25

LGDP: Large Grant Development Program

Recently Supported Projects

We are currently working on an application to Unitaid that, if funded, would allocate $20 million over 5 years towards a better, shorter treatment for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. This is our first time supporting an application to Unitaid and we look forward to applying this knowledge to other UCSF-led Unitaid proposals.

If your team will soon be developing a large, multi-investigator proposal, our Large Grant Development Program (LGDP) is here to help! Here are just some of the services that the LGDP can provide:

  • Strategy and grantsmanship input
  • Project management of the proposal preparation process
  • Technical writing and editing

Save the Date: PCORI-focused event on October 2nd

On the afternoon of October 2nd, the RDO will be hosting an event for all UCSF faculty and staff interested in hearing more about funding from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). If you are interested in attending, mark the date on your calendar and email Kristin Dolan kristin.dolan@ucsf.edu.

RDO’s Templates and Guides

All UCSF staff and faculty have access to library of grant template text, managed by the RDO and hosted on a UCSF Library Guides page. Do you have suggestions of other templates to add, or see something that needs to be updated? Please let us know by emailing the LGDP manager, Kristin Dolan.

TSP: Team Science Program

The TSP develops and facilitates intra- and extramural networking events enabling participating researchers to meet investigators outside their usual circle of collaborators in order to foster a broader network, and to brainstorm new research ideas or expand the aims of their current work.

Changes abound this summer!

  • You may have noticed we’ve shortened the name of our program. We think this new title represents what the program does while being less of a mouth full. Help us spread the word!
  • We’ve updated our website to include information about active teams that we support. Take a look at the topics represented and resources available.
  • We are developing a full service menu so faculty interested in building teams can select from a variety of specific services to meet their needs. Keep an eye out for an announcement this fall.

Upcoming Events

Consortium on Infant Crying: The idea for this event is based on several questions: Crying is such a basic thing that babies do, but how much do we really understand about it? What makes one baby cry more than another? What are the best ways to measure how much a baby cries? How should we manage excessive infant crying (i.e. infant colic)? How can we help reduce parental frustration and minimize risk of shaken baby syndrome? We are organizing this event in collaboration with Dr. Amy Gelfand and have identified distinguished speakers from diverse backgrounds, including neurology, neonatology, nursing, pediatrics, and child abuse prevention.

If you’re interested in these questions, please join us on Tuesday, August 15th from 3:30-5:30pm on the Mission Bay Campus. Find more details and register here.

If you are interested in participating or developing a separate networking event, please contact Page Sorensen.

RAP: Resource Allocation Program

The RAP Fall Cycle Launch is almost here!

The RAP Fall 2017 Cycle deadlines can be found on the homepage of the RAP website. During the past weeks of summer, RAP has been coordinating with the funders to finalize the grant Request for Applications (RFAs) for the mechanisms that will be offered.

The next call for applications will go out on Mon., August 21, 2017. The deadline to submit applications is set for Mon., September 18, 2017, 2:00 pm PST.

Before planning a submission, please be sure to refer to the relevant Eligibility and the Submission Rules. Also note that many grant mechanisms have CHANGED important aspects on their RFA’s – so please verify that all information is understood and all requirements are met prior to submitting your proposal.

Drop-in Q&A

RAP will continue to offer drop-in sessions to applicants who wish clarification and/or guidance with grant proposal submission. The first session will be held from 12 - 2pm on Wed., August 30 at the Parnassus Campus (Please check the RAP homepage for exact meeting location). The other two sessions will take place at Mission Bay in the Research Development Office – Suite 116, Genentech Hall lobby, on: Thurs., September 7 and September 14 from 12 – 2 pm.

Spring 2017 Cycle

The results of the Spring Cycle are available on the RAP website. Under ‘Resources’, you can find the Statistics, the names of the Awardees, and can read about their Success Stories

LSP: Limited Submission Program

Current LSOs of note:

Internal Deadline


Opportunity Title

August 9th, 2017

Greenwall Foundation

Faculty Scholars Program

August 14th, 2017

National Science Foundation

Innovations in Graduate Education (IGE) Program

August 16th, 2017

Hyundai Hope on Wheels Quantum Award & Quantum Collaboration Award

August 22nd, 2017


Research Infrastructure for Centers Conducting Populations Dynamics Science

Important Links: More information about the LSP & Current LSO listings: rdo.ucsf.edu/LSP.

SSP: Special Strategic Projects

UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences 2017 Trailblazer Award Program

Awardees to be announced at the end of August!

The UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences brings together world-class researchers with top-ranked physicians to solve some of the most complex challenges in the human brain. The Institute’s 2017 Trailblazer Award Program seeks to fund compelling, high risk/high reward research in the neurosciences. The target for this program is clinical and translational research focused on a broad spectrum of neuroscience challenges, including therapeutics, diagnostics, imaging technology, biomarker discovery/validation, and computational methods. This year the award program will support one-year grants of $100,000 for individual PI-led projects or $200,000 for multi-PI projects. We are currently confirming the available program funds and finalizing the list of awardees. Please direct any queries on this program to Gretchen Kiser at rdoinfo@ucsf.edu.

Research Development Internship Opportunity

Are you a graduate student or post-doc looking to explore a different career path for PhDs? Contact Gretchen Kiser gretchen.kiser@ucsf.edu in the RDO for information about an internship in research development.

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