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February 2017

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Volume 3, Number 1
The RDO serves at the nexus of research and research administration, acting as a catalyst for the UCSF research enterprise by facilitating productive research collaboration, early pilot funding, and effective proposal development.
  • RAP: Resource Allocation Program
  • SSP: Special Strategic Projects
  • LSP: Limited Submission Program
  • LGDP: Large Grant Development Program
  • TSRIP: Team Science for Research Innovation Program
  • RDO Team News and Outreach Activities
  • Research Development Internship Opportunity

RAP: Resource Allocation Program

The RAP Spring 2017 funding cycle is open! We invite you to submit your application before the electronic submission deadline: Monday, February 27, 2017 at 2 pm...

The RAP website summarizes new funding opportunities and all major changes. Note that eligibility requirements need to be met as of date of submission. Please be sure to review the Submissions Rules before submitting your proposal.

This Spring Cycle, RAP welcomes a number of new funders and is excited to continue building on existing grant mechanisms. The success rate for getting funded remains high (e.g., 48% in Fall 2016) because most RAP proposals are considered by multiple funding agencies. This enhances the likelihood for a single applicant to be funded. Check out the statistics of prior cycles on the RAP website under Resources. In there, one can also learn about the most recent awardees and their projects. This may also lead to identifying one’s next collaborator!

For the first time RAP is introducing ‘Q&A’ drop-in sessions with the intent to support applicants, especially junior investigators and researchers new to UCSF. We look to supporting these interactive sessions and educating the applicants about the program. Contact the program at rap@ucsf.edu to schedule a session.

SSP: Special Strategic Projects

Marcus Program in Precision Medicine Innovation (MPPMI)

2017 Call for Proposals is open! Proposals are due February 21st

The Marcus Program in Precision Medicine Innovation (MPPMI) seeks to fuel innovation in precision medicine by fostering creative, high risk, high impact team science projects anchored in basic science and extending into the precision medicine continuum toward improved patient outcomes. The MPPMI invites proposals in two award categories, Seeding Bold Ideas, and Transformative Integrated Research. See the MPPMI program website for details.

Contact Gretchen Kiser at gretchen.kiser@ucsf.edu if you have any questions.

LSP: Limited Submission Program

Current LSOs of note:

Internal Deadline


Opportunity Title

February 13, 2017

Packard Foundation

Fellowships for Science and Engineering

February 14, 2017

Association of American Medical Colleges

2017 Herbert W. Nickens Faculty Fellowship

Important Links: More information about the LSP & Current LSO listings: rdo.ucsf.edu/LSP

LGDP: Large Grant Development Program

After taking some much-needed down time, the Large Grant Development Program kicked off 2017 with a U54 proposal to establish a UCSF Contraception Innovation and Training Center. The center, funded by the NICHD, would focus on the development of and behavior towards non-hormonal contraception. We also revamped our post-submission satisfaction survey to better capture the perceived value of our services and what areas we can continue to improve.

If your team will soon be developing a large, multi-investigator proposal, our Large Grant Development Program (LGDP) is here to help! Here are just some of the services that the LGDP ,led by Dr. Kristin Dolan, can provide:

  • Strategy and grantsmanship input
  • Project management of the proposal preparation process, including timeline development and tracking, and liaising with the funding agency or Research Management Services
  • Technical writing and editing

RDO’s Templates and Guides

All UCSF staff and faculty have access to library of grant template text, managed by the RDO and hosted on a UCSF Library Guides page. Do you have suggestions of other templates to add, or see something that needs to be updated? Please let us know by emailing Kristin Dolan (kristin.dolan@ucsf.edu).

TSRIP: Team Science for Research Innovation Program

The TSRIP develops and facilitates intra- and extramural networking events enabling participating researchers to meet investigators outside their usual circle of collaborators in order to foster a broader network, and to brainstorm new research ideas or expand the aims of their current work.

This month we completed our year-end program review and are proud to report that our events have facilitated over 750 new introductions between faculty members and sparked 300-plus ideas for collaboration. 69% of respondents to TSRIP after-event surveys report having follow-up conversation with people with whom they had a spark at an event. Within one year of events, 50% of respondents report initiating collaboration, 31% report developing a collaborative proposal, and 10% report receiving follow-on funding as a result of conversations initiated at a TSRIP event.

Arguably even more rewarding for our program are the positive words that faculty use to describe their experiences at TSRIP events. 91% of respondents say the event they attended was a “valuable experience” and that they would recommend a similar event to colleagues. We often hear very specific feedback from attendees, including the following from a faculty member who attended a speed-networking event: “This event has led to one of the most unexpected and most productive collaborations I have experienced. From a faculty development, community building, and idea generation standpoint, this was an amazing event.” Very exciting!

We are also happy to report that we are utilizing survey responses to guide how we improve our events. We consistently hear that there is not enough time to meet all the interesting faculty members at our speed-networking events and that some additional structure to networking and follow-up could be helpful. We are looking to develop efforts in response to these comments. Thank you to everyone who has participated in team science events and especially those who also took the time to respond to our surveys. Your feedback enables us to construct a meaningful program report and is guiding our way forward.

Upcoming Events

In partnership with the Environmental Health Initiative and the Office of Sustainability, we will be hosting a very timely event titled “Going Public: Risks and Responsibilities of Sharing Your Impactful Science” on March 3rd at Mission Bay. This event is an opportunity for faculty to better understand how to communicate potentially socially-sensitive research findings – learn the role of UCSF in supporting researchers, logistically, ethically and legally, and ask questions of colleagues who have done it – all toward enabling UCSF faculty especially at this time to go public with their research findings. View the event announcement and register here and at rdo.ucsf.edu.

Stay tuned for a couple of events that we’re planning focused broadly on immunology. For the first event scheduled for late in April, TSRIP is working with the leadership of the Sandler Asthma Basic Research Group (SABRe) to develop and facilitate their leadership retreat. This asthma-specific event will feed into a broader, immunology-focused mini-conference later this year.

If you are interested in participating or developing a separate networking event, please contact Gretchen at gretchen.kiser@ucsf.edu.

RDO Team News and Outreach Activities

Would you like to inform your faculty of the menu of services and resources available through the RDO?

We are looking for opportunities to speak to groups of faculty to inform them of the programs and resources available through the RDO.  Please contact us at rdoinfo@ucsf.edu if you think you could open a time slot for us to speak at your next faculty meeting.

National Organization of Research Development Professionals (NORDP):

Do you facilitate research team interactions? Or do you help prepare large grant proposals? Do you manage programs that benefit a large cadre of research faculty? Or are you a researcher who now focuses on research administrative functions? If so, then you are likely doing work associated with the emerging field of research development. If these descriptions strike a chord with you, the UCSF RDO encourages you to check out NORDP. The annual NORDP conference is scheduled for May 8-10 in Denver, CO and as is typical will offer the opportunities to share best practices, learn about trends, and network with colleagues.

This year NORDP, in partnership with several industry partners will also offer a Research Development Leadership Forum targeting VCRs/VPRs, Assistant and Associate VCRs/VPRs, Deans, and Assistant and Associate Deans for Research, and covering topics in strategic planning, research program evaluation, and research collaboration, to name a few. This could be especially valuable for those faculty and RD professionals who are new to such positions or who aspire to these roles.  For more information, contact Gretchen Kiser (gretchen.kiser@ucsf.edu).

You might also like to check out the recent article in the journal Science highlighting research development as a career destination for PhD-trained researchers: http://www.sciencemag.org/careers/2016/10/being-enabler.

Research Development Internship Opportunity

Are you a graduate student or post-doc looking to explore a different career path for PhDs? Contact Gretchen Kiser gretchen.kiser@ucsf.edu in the RDO for information about an internship in research development. We congratulate our most recent intern “graduate” - Dr. Sili Liu, who left us in January to join Genentech. We wish her every success!

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