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December 2017

Bi-Monthly Email Newsletter                          

Volume 3, Number 6
The RDO serves at the nexus of research and research administration, acting as a catalyst for the UCSF research enterprise by facilitating productive research collaboration, early pilot funding, and effective proposal development.
  • RDO’s Grant Templates and Guides
  • LSP: Limited Submission Program
  • TSP: Team Science Program
  • LGDP: Large Grant Development Program
  • SSP: Special Strategic Projects
  • RAP: Resource Allocation Program
  • 3TS: T32 Trainee Tracking Program
  • RDO Team News and Outreach Activities
  • Research Development Internship Opportunity

    RDO’s Grants Templates and Guides

    Did you know that all UCSF staff and faculty have access to a library of grant template text? If not, we strongly encourage you to check it out! We’ve recently made some exciting additions to the page:

  • We've added a dedicated section on computational science to the Facilities and Resources page. In this section is a description of UCSF's research computing capabilities (developed in collaboration with Sharat Israni, Executive Director of UCSF's Institute for Computational Health Sciences)
  • All templates have been updated to comply with NIH FORMS-E, which are required for all applications due on and after 1/25/18. We also developed templates for all the required attachments in the new Human Subjects and Clinical Trials form.
  • Do you have suggestions of other templates to add, or see something that needs to be updated? Please let us know by emailing rdoinfo@ucsf.edu

    LSP: Limited Submission Program

    Thank you to all who participated in the Limited Submission Program (LSP) performance survey this fall! We always welcome feedback and look forward to implementing some of your thoughtful suggestions in the New Year. After full discussion with our faculty Advisory Board, we will be rolling out a few changes in response to the survey feedback.

    Starting January 1, 2018:

  • All LSP deadlines will be moved from 10 am to midnight.
  • “Current Support” will no longer be requested in the pre-application.
  • For optimal transparency, the LSP will now publish the nominees on our website.
  • Quarterly emails will be sent to notify subscribers of upcoming recurring opportunities.
  • The standard project summary requirement will be reduced from 2 pages to 1 page*.

    *(This will not impact all opportunities; Please refer to the specific announcement for required materials.)

    Starting Spring 2018:

    1. For optimal transparency, the LSP will publish the nominees on our website.

    We also wanted to take this opportunity to remind the community of a couple aspects of the LSP: deadlines and feedback.

    It’s a domino effect: Unfortunately, many funding agencies release limited submission opportunities with only a few weeks until the deadline. Our goal will always be to ensure that the applicant is given as much time as possible to get a competitive proposal together. Therefore, we are often forced into a very quick turnaround time window for applications in our internal review and selection process. This time constraint on our reviewers is also the reason that we are often unable to provide review feedback to all applicants; reviewers often have only a week to review and select a nominee. Nevertheless, reviewers are always given the option to provide feedback to applicants.

    Please contact limitedsubmissions@ucsf.edu with any further questions or concerns. Thank you for your continued support of the LSP!

    Current LSOs of note:

    Internal Deadline


    Opportunity Title

    January 4th, 2018

    Vallee Foundation

    Vallee Scholars

    January 9th, 2018

    Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation

    Moore Inventor Fellows

    Important Links: More information about the LSP & Current LSO listings: rdo.ucsf.edu/LSP.

TSP: Team Science Program

The TSP develops and facilitates intra- and extramural networking events enabling participating researchers to meet investigators outside their usual circle of collaborators in order to foster a broader network, and to brainstorm new research ideas or expand the aims of their current work.


We revamped our website to make it easier for visitors to find the information they’re looking for! Take a look and let us know what you think.

Upcoming Events

NGO Founders Meetup: Have you founded an NGO? Do you want to in the future? Want to meet with other NGO founders who have negotiated this role as well as their role as a UCSF faculty member? In partnership with the Global Maternal Newborn Health Research Cooperative led by Dr. Dilys Walker and Hannah Park, we are hosting an event for UCSF faculty to learn about starting and running a non-profit organization. Join us on January 8, 2018 from 3:30-5:30pm on the Mission Bay Campus. Visit our Eventbrite page for further details and to register.

In the Mix: We are hosting an event to encourage cross-institutional collaboration between UCSF and San Francisco State University. The theme of the event is ‘Finding Patterns in Big Data’. We will welcome UCSF researcher, Cristin Kearns, DDS, MBA, to speak about her work on the sugar industry papers. This event is scheduled for 5-7pm on January 18, 2018 at the UCSF Parnassus campus. Visit our Eventbrite page for further details and to register.

Marcus Mixer 2: We are hosting the second annual Mixer for the Marcus Program in Precision Medicine Innovation (MPPMI). Join us on February 21st, from 3:30-5:30pm, to network with colleagues pursuing precision medicine innovations. Please register here if you’re interested in participating.

Autoimmunity Research Networking Event: Join UCSF researchers for an afternoon team science event focused on autoimmune disease research. We are organizing this event in partnership with the Vice Chancellor for Research, Dr. Lindsey Criswell. The goal of the event is to introduce faculty who focus on different aspects of autoimmunity and autoimmune disease research to each other and spark new collaborations between silos. Visit our Eventbrite page for further details and to register.

If you are building a team or interested in developing a networking event, please contact Page Sorensen.

LGDP: Large Grant Development Program

Recently Supported Projects

‘Tis the season for NCI proposals! One proposal we are supporting would establish a Project Program Grant (P01 mechanism) to elucidate risk factors for and mechanisms of adverse effects associated with neurotoxic chemotherapy. The second is a collaboration between UCSF and the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub to establish a Human Tumor Atlas Research Center (U2C mechanism).

Large Grant Support

If your team will soon be developing a large, multi-investigator proposal, our Large Grant Development Program (LGDP) is here to help! Here are just some of the services that the LGDP can provide:

  • Strategy and grantsmanship input
  • Project management of the proposal preparation process
  • Technical writing and editing

Please note that Kristin Dolan, program manager of LGDP, will be out on maternity leave starting at the end of December and is not due back until May, 2018. Please join us in wishing Kristin the best as she and her husband welcome their first child!

SSP: Special Strategic Projects

The RDO hosted a team from Digital Science, a technology company that provides a suite of research analytic tools, for an informational seminar followed by hands-on deeper-dive workshops on three of their tools – Elements, Dimensions, and Figshare. We will continue to seek ways to support data-driven decision-making at UCSF.

RAP: Resource Allocation Program

Fall Cycle Funding Results available before winter break

This Fall Cycle, RAP received a total of 165 proposals. Of these, 16 were submitted to the Catalyst Program and will be reviewed independently from RAP. The 11 RAP review committees have completed the review of 149 proposals.

The final scores and reviews for each application in the competition were submitted to the RAP Consortium Funding Agencies. Each agency met to decide their funding priorities.

On December 15th , all faculty Directors and Program Managers of the participating agencies convened in person to make the final funding decisions. It is during this “horse-trading” meeting that the beauty of RAP as a consortium manifests its value. Agencies help each other in trying to fund as much good science as possible. The decisions made during the final meeting are currently being confirmed.

Once the final funding decisions are confirmed, all applicants will be notified of the results and receive feedback. The funding agencies are responsible for all post-award activities, interacting directly with their respective awardees and their financial analysts.

The statistics of the Fall Cycle and the names of the awardees will be posted on the RAP website under “Resources”. This is done for transparency, and to stimulate collaborations and to offer opportunities to link with new colleagues.

The deadlines for the next funding cycle - Spring 2018 - are posted on the homepage of the RAP website.

  • Call for Applications: January 29, 2018
  • Deadline to Submit Applications: February 26, 2018

Stay tuned in the next newsletter for results of RAP program performance surveys targeting Spring 2017 applicants and 2017 RAP Consortium members.

3TS: T32 Trainee Tracking Program

The T32 Trainee Tracking System program is an application with the goal to support faculty and staff in actively preparing for T32 grant renewals by helping them with several of the required data tables. The program also provides institutional support outside of the 3TS, such as ‘how-to’ guides to assist faculty and staff involved in preparing a T32 renewal application and notices to the community about changes coming from the NIH.

For information and updates to T32 grants please feel free to join the T32 Administrators Group on Chatter.

Type of Grant

Program Description

Upcoming Renewal Dates

T Series

(T32 & TL1)

Institutional National Research Service Awards

Other Training Grants

To enable institutions to make National Research Service Awards to individuals selected by them for predoctoral and postdoctoral research training in specified shortage areas.

  • January 25

RDO Team News and Outreach Activities

Would you like to inform your faculty of the menu of services and resources available through the RDO?

We are looking for opportunities to speak to groups of faculty to inform them of the programs and resources available through the RDO. Please contact us at rdoinfo@ucsf.edu if you think you could open a time slot for us to speak at your next faculty meeting.

Do you facilitate research team interactions? Or do you help prepare large grant proposals? Do you manage programs that benefit a large cadre of research faculty? Or are you a researcher who now focuses on research administrative functions? If so, then you are likely doing work associated with the emerging field of research development. If these descriptions strike a chord with you, the UCSF RDO encourages you to check out National Organization of Research Development Professionals (NORDP).

Research Development Internship Opportunity

Are you a graduate student or post-doc looking to explore a different career path for PhDs? Contact Gretchen Kiser gretchen.kiser@ucsf.edu in the RDO for information about an internship in research development.

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