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June 2019

Bi-Monthly Email Newsletter                          

Volume 5, Number 3
The RDO serves at the nexus of research and research administration, acting as a catalyst for the UCSF research enterprise by facilitating productive research collaboration, early pilot funding, and effective proposal development.
  • RDO Highlights
  • RAP: Resource Allocation Program
  • TSP: Team Science Program
  • LSP: Limited Submission Program
  • LGDP: Large Grant Development Program
  • 3TS: T32 Trainee Tracking Program
  • RDO Updates and Outreach Activities

RDO Highlights

Keep on the lookout for Funding Fridays!
Moving forward, funding opportunities from all over campus will be coming into your email inbox on Fridays! In an effort to improve the communication of funding opportunities, UCSF campus offices will be disseminating funding opportunities via email on a single day of the week (when not constrained by short deadlines, of course).

Dimensions Team at UCSF 7/23/19 - sign up for a 1:1
UCSF is now fully equipped for research productivity analysis and competitive intelligence with the Digital Science Dimensions research analytics database and tool. Since the campus-wide launch in May, we have already seen many new users, including those building institutional and unit research performance dashboards.

On Tuesday, July 23, a Senior Product Specialist from the Dimensions team will be on the Mission Bay campus to offer free 1:1 consultations to users of Dimensions. If you are interested in a consultation, click here to reserve a 30-minute slot.

You may recall that Dimensions is a dynamic, easy to use platform where users can explore the connections between grants, publications, clinical trials, patents and policy documents. As the research landscape evolved dramatically over the past 10 years with new technologies, more data and increasingly diverse research ecosystems, the channels for discovery and the ways impact is measured and assessed have remained static. Digital Science had a vision for a modern research analytics system where data is democratized and the lens through which we measure research outputs broadened.

BioRender Team at UCSF Mission Bay on 7/30/19
BioRender is the world’s first tool to help scientists create and share beautiful, professional scientific figures. It is already being used by more than 200 UCSF researchers to save time and increase effectiveness of their figures.

“Shiz Aoki, the Co-Founder of BioRender, just came over to my lab to introduce us to the BioRender platform. We were absolutely blown away by its capacities. I think it could completely revolutionize the way we communicate science!” – Satish Pillai, Associate Professor, Laboratory Medicine, School of Medicine

When we receive such an email from a faculty member (followed by at least 20 additional UCSF trainees and faculty) in support of a tool, it definitely warrants a look-see. To that end, the RDO will host a presentation of this tool from BioRender staff and UCSF users at Mission Bay on July 30, 1 – 2:30 pm in Mission Hall, Room 1407. Click here to reserve a space!

RAP: Resource Allocation Program

RAP Spring 2019 Cycle – Award Competition is Completed!
RAP received 196 applications for grant awards from 19 funding agencies for the most recent (Spring 2019) cycle. Of the 189 applications reviewed by RAP, 64 applications (with 2 applications co-funded) were awarded for a total of $2,867,015 (34% success rate). Four applications submitted to the Core Operational Improvements Awards (COIA) have been selected for funding by the Research Resource Program for an additional $400,000; and 7 applications were independently reviewed by the UCSF Diabetes Research Center. For further details regarding current awardees and statistics, please check out the Resources tab on the RAP homepage.

After the agencies have reviewed applications and determined their funding intentions, the competition concludes and award notifications are sent out via e-mail. Written reviews and final scores are accessible via the applicant’s dashboard. Awardees should expect a financial analyst from the awarding agency to reach out directly within 2- 3 weeks following final award notification. Managing and overseeing all post award stages and activities are the responsibility of the funding agency. RAP Central is no longer involved after dissemination of award announcements.

Reviewer Acknowledgement
We are grateful for the service that each of the expert faculty reviewers provides for RAP every cycle. An acknowledgement letter crediting a reviewer’s service and contribution to the University is available for download via the reviewer’s dashboard.

Stay Tuned! RAP Fall 2019 Cycle
The next Call for Applications for the RAP Fall 2019 Cycle is Monday, August 19, 2019. The deadline to submit applications will be September 23, 2019, 2pm PST.

During the summer months, RAP works with each of the funding agencies to determine which grant opportunities will be offered for the next cycle and assisting them with the preparation of their RFP.

RAP welcomes new partnerships with on-campus programs interested in leveraging the RAP grant competition model. A single online application allows one to submit to any grant mechanism offered each cycle. Submitted applications are reviewed by standing committees comprised of leading faculty expert volunteers in a given medical research field.

TSP: Team Science Program

The TSP develops and facilitates intra- and extra-mural networking events enabling participating researchers to meet investigators outside their usual circle of collaborators in order to foster a broader network, and to brainstorm new research ideas or expand the aims of their current work. We’ve been busy planning events for the winter - check out details below.

If you manage a UCSF group with a mission that includes team building activities or you would like to add such activities to a new grant or renewal, get in touch with Gretchen Kiser.

Upcoming Events

Weill Institute Breaking Barriers Symposium: Please join us for a special neuroscience community event hosted by the Weill Institute, in partnership with the Research Development Office, to celebrate findings from the Weill Award programs, followed by a timely look ahead with an overview of “BRAIN Initiative 2.0” federal funding opportunities, and concluding with a networking reception. This event is a great chance to form and renew collaborations across the clinical, translational, and basic neuroscience communities.

Tell us what would make a difference for your research. Take a quick 8-question survey to help shape how the Weill Institute for Neurosciences and the Research Development Office work together to develop BRAIN 2.0 resources for you and your collaborators. Click to Complete Survey.

Attendance is limited. Please RSVP by July 11, 2019 – Click here to register.

Questions? Please contact Weill Institute Program Manager - [email protected]

LSP: Limited Submission Program
Current LSOs of note:

Internal Deadline


Opportunity Title

June 19, 2019

Cookies for Kids' Cancer

Clinical and Translational Research Awards

June 24, 2019


Searle Scholars Program

Upcoming LSOs:

Please see below for some limited submission opportunities (LSOs) we expect to announce over the next few months. Mark your calendars accordingly!



Opportunity Title


Rita Allen

Scholars Program



Faculty Scholars Program in Bioethics

** Please note: These LSOs are typically offered the same time each year. Both the availability and eligibility requirements noted are approximate and subject to change. **
Important Links: More information about the LSP & Current LSO listings: rdo.ucsf.edu/LSP.

LGDP: Large Grant Development Program
Over the next two months, the LGDP and UCSF Corporate and Foundation Relations Office is offering support to two UCSF-led teams applying for the MacArthur Foundation’s 100&Change award. This competition will award one team $100 million to deliver real and measurable progress in solving a critical problem of our time. In 2016 (the last time the competition occurred), 2000 unique applications were submitted for this singular prize.

If your team is gearing up to prepare a large, multi-investigator proposal and would like some support from our Large Grant Development Program (LGDP), please reach out to the LGDP Manager, Kristin Dolan ([email protected]).

3TS: T32 Trainee Tracking Program

T32 NIH Updates from the T32 Trainee Tracking (3TS) Program

  • Beginning October 2019 the NIH will require all T32 progress reports Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) to be submitted via the NIH xTRACT tool.
  • Due Dates for Competing T32 Renewal Applications:
    • January 25
    • May 25
    • September 25

      Applicants should check with the relevant Institute or Center (IC), since some do not accept T series applications for all three receipt/review/award cycles. Applicants should refer to the IC Table of Contacts for information for each IC's scientific/research contact for the NRSA T32 program.
  • For an online library of successful training grant proposals and resources, please visit the RDO Guides page.
  • Letter on Discrimination Policies for NIH Training Grants: The University of California is committed to ensure policies, procedures, and oversight are in place to prevent discriminatory harassment and other discriminatory practices. The Research Policy Analysis and Coordination site provides a link which will direct you to the University's letter.

The 3TS program will continue to post information regarding NIH training grant notifications on the T32 Administrators Group Chatter page on Chatter. To join the group send an email request to Halima Mohammed Todd or contract Halima through the link on the T32 Administrators Group Chatter page.
The 3TS program can produce the following tables for your T32 renewal application:

  • Table 2 – Participating Faculty Members
  • Table 3 – Federal Institutional Research Training Grants & Related Support Available to Participating Faculty Members (Overlapping Faculty)
  • Table 4 – Research Support of Participating Faculty Members
  • Table 5 – Publications of Trainees
  • Table 8 – Program Outcomes

    We are here to support and guide you through your T32 grants submissions process. Contact Halima Mohammed Todd if you have questions.

RDO Updates and Outreach Activities
Would you like to inform your faculty of the menu of services and resources available through the RDO?

We are looking for opportunities to speak to groups of faculty to inform them of the programs and resources available through the RDO. Please contact us at [email protected] if you think you could open a time slot for us to speak at your next faculty meeting.

The RDO is hiring soon- Research Development Specialist! Contact [email protected] or look for the recruitment announcement through UCSF Brassring.

RDO Events Calendar
We’ve just started listing our various events on the UCSF Calendar. Check it out!

Research Development Internship Opportunity
Are you a graduate student or post-doc looking to explore a different career path for PhDs? Contact Gretchen Kiser [email protected] in the RDO for information about an internship in research development.

National Organization of Research Development Professionals (NORDP)
Do you facilitate research team interactions? Or do you help prepare large grant proposals? Do you manage programs that benefit a large cadre of research faculty? Or are you a researcher who now focuses on research administrative functions? If so, then you are likely doing work associated with the emerging field of research development. If these descriptions strike a chord with you, the UCSF RDO encourages you to check out National Organization of Research Development Professionals (NORDP).


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