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October 2018

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Volume 4, Number 5
The RDO serves at the nexus of research and research administration, acting as a catalyst for the UCSF research enterprise by facilitating productive research collaboration, early pilot funding, and effective proposal development.
  • Research Development Internship Program
  • SSP: Special Strategic Projects
  • TSP: Team Science Program
  • LSP: Limited Submission Program
  • LGDP: Large Grant Development Program
  • RAP: Resource Allocation Program
  • 3TS: T32 Trainee Tracking Program
  • RDO Updates and Outreach Activities
  • Research Development Internship Opportunity

Research Development Internship Program

RDO is happy to welcome Christin Schmidt, PhD to the RDO internship program. Christin is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Neurology, investigating brain tumors and stem cells in the adult brain. To explore alternative career pathways in science, she recently started a 3-month internship in the Research Development Office of UCSF. We are excited to help her learn more about research development, especially around a couple of themes of her interest - science communication and strategic funding.

Are you a graduate student or post-doc looking to explore a different career path for PhDs? Contact Gretchen Kiser [email protected] in the RDO for information about an internship in research development.

SSP: Special Strategic Projects

Funder Visit

Research Funding Opportunities in Europe – The RDO is hosting an information session on grants and fellowships available from the EU for researchers of all nationalities and research fields on November 9, 2018 at the Mission Bay Campus. The session will target This session will be led by representatives from these various EU programs:

Mary Kavanagh - Minister-Counselor for Research and Innovation at the European Union's Delegation to the United States of America in Washington DC. Her role involves raising awareness of opportunities for EU-US cooperation and exchange in research and innovation and facilitating that cooperation at both government agency and stakeholder levels. Mary has a PhD in Plant Science from University College Cork, Ireland and carried out post-doctoral research in France and Switzerland before swapping the laboratory for science policy.

Theodore Papazoglou - Head of Unit for the support of the Scientific Council at the European Research Council Executive Agency since 2010. Theodore graduated from the Physics Department of the University of Crete, Greece and received his PhD in biomedical engineering from the University of Southern California.

David Wizel - Head of Sector “Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions” (MSCA) Individual fellowships at the European Union's Research Executive Agency: David has a background in political sciences and marketing and has dedicated his career to the European Commission since 2002. The main focus of his work has been in the area of research and innovation, and most recently managing Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions fellowships.

Stijn Delauré - Policy officer at the European Commission, Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture. In 2017, Stijn joined the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions unit, where he is responsible for the individual researcher fellowships, both European and global. Stijn has a PhD in Biotechnology from Ghent University.

Research-Related Resources (3Rs) Symposium – Are you sure you know about all the available UCSF resources for your research? On December 3, 2018, we will hold the inaugural Research-Related Resources (3Rs) Symposium, where over 25 UCSF research resource providers (supporting everything from project planning in “pre-pre-award” to grant preparation to post-award management and conducting your research, and everything in between) will provide a day-long, deep dive into resources available to assist your research mission. To register to attend, click here.

TSP: Team Science Program

The TSP develops and facilitates intra- and extra-mural networking events enabling participating researchers to meet investigators outside their usual circle of collaborators in order to foster a broader network, and to brainstorm new research ideas or expand the aims of their current work. We hosted three events in September, a record for us! We’ve been busy planning events for the fall and winter - check out details below.

Upcoming Events

Immunotherapy Researcher Networking Event – Please join the RDO Team Science Program and UCSF PREMIER Center on October 25, 2018 at the Parnassus campus for the first of a series of networking events focused on immunotherapy. To register to attend, please click here.

Millberry Union Event Center

Thursday, October 25, 2018

3:30 – 5:30 pm

Planning Committee: Drs. Lindsey Criswell, Zoe Quandt, Max Krummel, Vincent Chan, Kole Roybal, Mark Anderson, Elad Ziv and Jimmy Ye.

Implementation Science and the Clinical Researcher – Save the Date! Please plan to join us for an exciting panel discussion and networking event focused on the intersection of clinical research and implementation science. This is hosted by the RDO Team Science Program.

TBD: either Tuesday, December 11 or Thursday, December 13, 2018

3:30 – 5:30 pm

Panelists will include: Drs. Claire Brindis and Margaret Handley

Other team science events are also in the works: 1) focused on monoclonals and breastfeeding (tentatively titled MAMMI – Monoclonal Antibodies in Mother’s Milk and Infants), Marcus Mixer 4, focused on the bold intersections of basic science and clinical/translational science, population health, computational science, and implementation science. These are planned for the next ~3 months. Check back for details.

If you manage a UCSF group with a mission that includes team building activities or you would like to add such activities to a new grant or renewal, get in touch with Page Sorensen. We can help design and produce team building activities that will further your mission.


LSP: Limited Submission Program

Current LSOs of note:

Internal Deadline


Opportunity Title

October 10th, 2018


 Stimulating Access to Research in Residency (StARR)

October 14th, 2018

National Science Foundation

Major Research Instrumentation Program

October 15th, 2018 NIH NIGMS Collaborative Program Grant for Multidisciplinary Teams
October 28th, 2018 Keck

Medical Research and Science & Engineering Programs


Upcoming LSOs:

Please see below for some limited submission opportunities (LSOs) we expect to announce over the next few months. Mark your calendars accordingly!



Opportunity Title



Scholars Program


Damon Runyon

Clinical Investigator Award



Major Research Instrumentation Program


Brain Research Foundation

Seed Grant Program

** Please note: These LSOs are typically offered the same time each year. Both the availability and eligibility requirements noted are approximate and subject to change. **
Important Links: More information about the LSP & Current LSO listings: rdo.ucsf.edu/LSP.

LGDP: Large Grant Development Program

Manager of the LGDP, Kristin Dolan, is wrapping up two proposals that are due in the next two weeks – a NINDS U54 and a NIA P30 – and we have availability to support proposals this fall/winter! If your team is gearing up to prepare a large, multi-investigator proposal and would like some support from our Large Grant Development Program (LGDP), please reach out to us – [email protected].

RAP: Resource Allocation Program

The Resource Allocation Program (RAP) is a campus-wide program whose aim is to coordinate intramural research funding opportunities for the entire UCSF campus.

The RAP Fall 2018 Review of Applications submitted is Currently Underway!

RAP received a total of 166 proposals. Of these, 34 were submitted to the Catalyst Program and will be reviewed independently from RAP. 132 proposals will be reviewed by the RAP review committees based on subject area. The results of the Fall 2018 competition will be available before the winter break. All applicants will be notified of the results and will receive written critiques and a final numeric score. RAP utilizes the NIH 1-9 scoring rubric and anytime initial scores are “4” and “5” (not the average) a proposal can be “triaged-not discussed” if the entire committee agrees. Triaged proposals are not assigned final scores.

RAP Spring 2019 Key Dates

  • Call for Applications: Monday, January 28, 2019
  • Deadline to Submit Applications: Monday, March 11, 2019 2 pm PST

Key RAP Web Resources to review before applying

  • Homepage shows the deadlines, “How RAP Works”, “3 Steps to Apply” and any new funding opportunities.
  • Determine Eligibility & Compare Grants helps you identifying the grant based on eligibility.
  • Submission Rules lists all rules that govern the submission.
  • Resources offer Statistics, Past Awardees, Success Stories, and more.

Thank you to the Spring 2018 Awardees for their contributions to our “Success Stories” page, and to all Applicants who responded and provided valuable feedback via the RAP survey!

3TS: T32 Trainee Tracking Program

The 3TS program can produce the following tables for your T32 renewal application:

  • Table 2 – Participating Faculty Members
  • Table 3 – Federal Institutional Research Training Grants & Related Support Available to Participating Faculty Members (Overlapping Faculty)
  • Table 4 – Research Support of Participating Faculty Members
  • Table 5 – Publications of Trainees
  • Table 8 – Program Outcomes


The NIH will require all T32 progress reports (RPPR) to be submitted via the NIH Xtract tool by 2019. The 3TS program will be hosting training sessions on how to access Xtract.

The 3TS program will continue to post information regarding NIH training grant notifications on the T32 Administrators Group Chatter page on Chatter. Not yet a member? You can join by sending a request via the T32 Administrators Group Chatter page or contact Halima Mohammed Todd at [email protected] . We are here to support and guide you through your T32 grants submissions process.

RDO Updates and Outreach Activities

Would you like to inform your faculty of the menu of services and resources available through the RDO?

We are looking for opportunities to speak to groups of faculty to inform them of the programs and resources available through the RDO. Please contact us at [email protected] if you think you could open a time slot for us to speak at your next faculty meeting.

RDO Events Calendar
We’ve just started listing our various events on the UCSF Calendar. Check it out!

National Organization of Research Development Professionals (NORDP)
Do you facilitate research team interactions? Or do you help prepare large grant proposals? Do you manage programs that benefit a large cadre of research faculty? Or are you a researcher who now focuses on research administrative functions? If so, then you are likely doing work associated with the emerging field of research development. If these descriptions strike a chord with you, the UCSF RDO encourages you to check out National Organization of Research Development Professionals (NORDP).

Research Development Internship Opportunity

Are you a graduate student or post-doc looking to explore a different career path for PhDs? Contact Gretchen Kiser [email protected] in the RDO for information about an internship in research development.

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