Large Grant Development Program (LGDP)

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The staff of our Large Grant Development Program (LGDP) can support you in every step of the proposal process, including early-stage scientific discussions, timeline development, the collection and writing of common institutional language, late-stage technical editing, and proofreading. Below is a schematic of the support we can provide.

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Importance of Large Research Grants

Today’s scientific environment is growing more collaborative and multi-disciplinary in nature: cell biologists are working with bioinformaticians; physicists with economists; clinician scientists with chemists; etc. Reflective of this new direction of research activity, large project grants to support this multi-disciplinary approach to scientific questions are becoming more common. Given their growing scope, and especially in light of current budget limitations, these large project grants are an increasingly important source of funding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a "large grant?"

We consider a proposal a "large grant" when the allowable budget exceeds $1M per year in direct costs or when the research involves multiple investigators and scientific/administrative components  (i.e., cores and projects). The vast majority of proposals we support fit both of these criteria.

How do I get help on my large grant?

If you would like support in the development and preparation of your large, multi-investigator grant proposal, contact [email protected].

Do you have templates that I can use?

Yes! All UCSF staff and faculty can access a grant template text library, managed by the RDO and hosted on a UCSF Library Guides page. Do you have suggestions of templates to add or update? Please let us know by emailing [email protected].