Important FAQ update on ARPA-H Sprint for Women's Health (040224)

A few important UCSF FAQs related to the ARPA-H Sprint for Women's Health Solution Summary submission process.

(1) Q: Can we include references and citations in my solution summary?.

A: Yes, a citation list of references can be added as an appendix and will not count towards three page maximum. However, letters of support are not required.

(2) Q: Does the “Pricing” Evaluation Criteria refer to the project cost or the solution cost? Is a ROM required for the Solution Summary Phase?

A: The “Pricing” Evaluation Criteria refers to the Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) pricing that describes the basic unbundled prices. It shall encompass all known costs associated with the proposed effort. The ROM will be evaluated as affordable /non-affordable (if provided or if not). Please see the amended Request For Solutions in “Key Documents” here; ROM is no longer required for Solution Summary Phase. It will be required for Pitch Phase and Pitch templates will be provided.

(3) 2 additions to the ARPA-H Women's Health

In the future for Rough Order of Magnitude budget guestimates, please use 64% as the IDC rate.

(4) Please ensure the following is in the portal:

  • The Full Name of company/agency: The Regents of the University of California, San Francisco
  • Organization: State Regulated Institution of Higher Education
  • Program/Consortia requested: Investor Catalyst Hub

(5) UCSF Points of Contact for Solution Summary submission portal

Gretchen Kiser
600 16th Street, 116A
San Francisco, CA 94158
(415) 502-1665
[email protected]

UCSF Contracts POC
Christine Morris
490 Illinois Street, 42H
San Francisco, CA 94158
(415) 502-4986
[email protected]

(6) Regarding submission of multiple Solution Summaries: submit one Solution Summary per topic as the PI.

Q: Can one group be part of multiple Solution Summaries?

A: Yes, one group can be part of multiple Solution Summaries, however each lead can only

submit one Solution Summary per topic.

Q: Can the same proposer or proposer team submit a Solution Summary to multiple topics?

A: Yes, a proposer or team can submit to multiple topics. However, only one Solution Summary can be submitted per PI/Lead per topic.

(7) Please use the ARPA-H-provided template for the Solution Summary attached here.

(8) We recommend that you engage your UCSF OSR grants specialist to prepare the rough order of magnitude (ROM) budget section of the LOI/Solution Summary/Abstract.

(9) Please engage your UCSF OSR representative (grant specialist) before you submit an LOI/Solution Summary/Abstract to any ARPA-H opportunity.

(10) The Sprint for Women's Health Solution Summary submission process requires submission to a unique portal and is different from the other ARPA-H abstract submission processes [where the "Solution summary submissions must be submitted to:"]. Investor Catalyst (IC) Hub BIDS Guide is here.

(11) The LOI/Solution Summary/Abstract needs to be submitted by the (contact) PI themselves after they register as a 'submitter'. The correct registration type is an ‘Industry’ > ‘Submitter’