Marcus Program in Precision Medicine Innovation - Program Overview

The Marcus Program in Precision Medicine Innovation is pleased to announce a new cycle of funding - deadline May 29, 2024! 

The Marcus Program in Precision Medicine Innovation (MPPMI) seeks to fuel innovation in precision medicine by fostering creative, high risk, high impact team science projects anchored in basic science and extending into the precision medicine continuum toward improved patient outcomes. Currently, the Program awards projects through four grant mechanisms: seed funding through Seeding Bold Ideas, and larger research grants through the Transformative Integrated Research, ELSI in Precision Medicine, and IDEA in Precision Medicine awards.

George and Judy Marcus have generously provided funding since 2016 to drive innovative and collaborative efforts between the truly multi-disciplinary array of researchers – from ‘basic’ researchers to clinical or social/behavioral/population scientists to computational scientists, that are all essential to making precision medicine a reality. Precision medicine aims to harness vast amounts of biological and biomedical data– from basic molecular research to clinical, environmental, socioeconomic and mobile lifestyle data – and use it to define biological processes and disease mechanisms, to understand why different individuals respond differently to treatments, and to help guide more precise, predictive and preventative medicine. The MPPMI advances precision medicine at UCSF through networking events that actively motivate and foster collaborations, and through direct funding of innovative research projects.

Check out this article about the impact of the Marcus Program: Marcus Awards Funds Bold Ideas, Transformative Collaborations, and Innovative Social Research.

Past award recipients are listed here: 2017 - 2018 - 2019 - 2020 - 2022
Highlights of past networking events, including some of those for the Marcus Program can be found here.

The current Marcus Program 2024 award cycle RFA can be found here.