Important Marcus Awards FAQs

Emeritus appointments are not eligible to serve as PIs. Emeritus on full (43%) recall would qualify, whether emeritus as the time of application or during the award period.

Rather than getting too focused on the label of 'basic scientist', what we're mostly interested in is that the project is grounded in a basic science question or problem, and then potentially reaches significance for patients.

F&A / Indirect costs are not allowed in the budget.

Salary Support: TIR and SBI Marcus awards cannot be used to support faculty salary (whether for PIs or co-Is). Faculty salaries (whether for PIs or co-Is) for the ELSI grant will be subject to the 50% constraint laid out in the RFA. Note that for all awards salaries for graduate students, postdocs, and professional technical staff (even if listed as co-I) are allowed without limitation.

Renewal applications: A 2019 SBI or TIR recipient (non-renewal) can apply for follow-on funding; however, neither can apply for follow-on SBI funding. Awards in non-consecutive years are not eligible for renewal.

There is no separate evaluation for "renewal' applications. But there is additional page space given to allow the description of progress on an SBI or TIR and, if the progress is strong, it gives your "renewal" TIR a boost in the potential award process (providing the new proposal/set of aims is well-scored).

The SBI is meant to be a seed award and thus, a "renewal" proposal would be made to the larger TIR mechanism. Note that TIR budgets are variable (max $300,000), and you can submit a TIR as a follow-on to an SBI with a smaller budget with no problem.

Non-UCSF collaborator and sub-contracts: A non-UCSF researcher can be a Multi-PI IF at least one of the other Multi-PIs is a UCSF faculty with an Academic Senate appointment. However, the non-UCSF entity is restricted to receive up to 20% of the overall budget ($60,000 on a $300,000 TIR grant, $15,000 on the $75,000 SBI grant, or $30,000 on a $150,000 ELSI grant). Because sub-contracting to outside groups can take several months, we don't actually recommend including PIs at other institutions.