Learn how Dimensions Analytics expands your research and maps research impact

Dimensions Analytics is a linked research database of more than 130 million research publications connected by more than 1.7 billion citations, supporting grants, datasets, clinical trials, patents and policy documents. UCSF's subscription to Dimensions Analytics, supported by the Research Development Office, provides UCSF users with a powerful and easy-to-use resource that builds a full picture of both the local and global scholarly landscape. Join RDO and the Library on May 23, 2023 from 11:00-noon for a virtual training session on how to:

  • Find research papers, grants, patents, clinical trials, and policy documents for any topic
  • View and analyze publication citation and Altmetric data
  • Find researchers and identify the organizations, researchers, and funders active in a specific field
  • Explore connections between researchers, institutions, and their research outputs
  • Use analytical views and visualizations to inform research and grant applications and reports

Find out more and register at: https://calendars.library.ucsf.edu/calendar/events/dimensions1training2023