T32 Trainee Tracking Program

The T32 Trainee Tracking Program supports faculty and staff in actively preparing for T32 grant renewals by helping to prepare the required program data tables, as well as by uploading current and historical program data into NIH xTract. We are also working with programs to upload their historical program data and then use the 3TS for ongoing tracking of trainee-related data. The program also provides institutional support outside of the 3TS, such as ‘how-to’ guides to assist faculty and staff involved in preparing a T32 renewal application and notices to the community about changes coming from the NIH.

Beginning in 2020, the T32 Trainee Tracking Program is expanding its services to cover K12, KL2, R25, and TL1 training grant programs in addition to T32s.

T32 Trainee Tracking System (3TS)

3TS is an application built in Salesforce. It stores current and historical data on training grant programs and their participants, and allows users to generate reports, including many of the program data tables required for renewals and progress reports.

Please contact us if you would like help entering data or building reports for your program, or use the resources here or the guides below:


NIH xTract

xTract (eXtramural Trainee Reporting And Career Tracking) is an application within eRA Commons, used to create program data tables for training grant renewals and progress reports. Beginning in 2020, programs are required to upload their program data to xTract. Please contact us if you would like help uploading program data or navigating xTract.

Type of Grant

Program Description

Renewal Due Dates

T Series

(T32 & TL1)

Institutional National Research Service Awards

Other Training Grants

To enable institutions to make National Research Service Awards to individuals selected by them for predoctoral and postdoctoral research training in specified shortage areas.

  • January 25
  • May 25
  • September 25


Halima Mohammed Todd
[email protected]

For information and updates on T32 grants, please feel free to join the T32 Administrators Group on Chatter.